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In Relation to Cloud Native

Cloud Native Computing Foundaton (CNCF) maintains an up to date interactive landscape of applications that are providing some functionality within the five layer scope of Cloud Native Architecture. Kubernetes, being a graduate project of CNCF contains significant modularization capabilities. Some are even expected to be provided externally (i.e. Networking and Monitoring).

Cyvive doesn't exist in isolation. As part of extending and optimizing Kubernetes, assessments are carefully undertaken to identify 'Best In Breed' candidates for replacement of standard Kubernetes components, or extensions. While the preference is to utilize 'Best In Breed' from CNCF Landscape and wider industry this is not always possible. And as most are aware, 'Best In Breed' solutions change over time.

As such Cyvive maintains a this record of our current 'Best In Breed' suggestions to include in Cyvive's suggested EcoSystem.

Mandatory or Optional

Each part of the EcoSystem is what we believe to be a 'Best In Breed' recommendation or suggestion. They are exactly that, optional components that can be included or excluded at installation and upgrade time. Cyvive at this time doesn't offer bundle pricing, so selection to install a propriatory EcoSystem part would incur costs between you and the provider directly.

The EcoSystem exists because each part offers significant benefit to process, administration, understanding or acceleration of the software management lifecycle. As such, its typically a good idea to include as much of it as possible when using Cyvive

Additionally, as Cyvive's recommendations change over time the installer or upgrader scans your cluster for an older recommendation prior to implementing a new one and where possible suggests upgrade paths.

All recommendations are date stamped as to the last time they were assessed

Additional Assessment Information

Every Enterprise has different requirements for accepting recommendations from an EcoSystem. As such while we try to maintain a transparent comparison on each page, more in-depth information on specific recommendations is available upon request to paying customers.